Why You Need Lint-Free Towels For Baking

When it comes to home baking, having the right tools and equipment is essential for success. But even after you've collected all of the bowls, proofing baskets, bench scrapers, and pots you could possibly need, you might still need a few more items to make the process easier. One important item that is often overlooked is kitchen towels. 

If you already spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen, then you know how convenient hand towels can be. From cleaning spills and drying dishes to picking up hot pans and covering bread as it proofs, hand towels are the unsung do-it-all hero of many kitchens — and that's especially true for baker Pippa Allen.

"They can get really messy and gross, fast. All of mine are stained with coffee, turmeric, and things like that, so just having a bunch on hand is ideal," Allen told Food52.  She also believes in having far more clean kitchen towels than you think you will need since they are so handy. But there's one particular way this baker puts clean, lint-free towels to use that makes so much sense.

Lint-free towels keep your dough clean and free of lint or debris

Clean towels devoid of lint are a must-have for home bakers because they can help ensure your dough remains free of any unwanted debris. Many types of towels can pill or shed lint, which can be a real problem when working with dough. Those pills can hold onto debris, such as crumbs and other small pieces that could be lingering on your countertops. Not to mention, the lint itself can fall into the dough. 

Try using towels made from linen or tightly-woven cotton that don't shed fibers. Though they might be more expensive, they're worth the investment and can help save you time. Avoid using towels made from loosely knitted fabrics such as wool, polyester, or other synthetic fibers. 

Using lint-free towels is just one small but important way to ensure your home baking is successful. So, don't bother with other types of towels. You will be glad you went with more traditional, high-quality materials.